Don’t Be Afraid to Leave Your Mobile Unattended


Don´t Be Afraid to Leave
Your Mobile Unattended


When we say that you can save everything you can think of in our application, it might sound like we are boasting but that’s just the reality. Everything that can be turned into ones and zeros ( and can be properly encrypted), CAMELOT is able to save, sort and easily find.
It’s only up to you to choose if you will use it as a sophisticated safe for your passwords, private pictures or health information, or if you just want to clearly (and safely) sort your notes, interesting photos or quotes .

Security zones

All of us have different types of sensitive data in our lives. On this pictures, you can clearly see which types we are talking about.
CAMELOT allows you to store and sort your data, depending on its level of importance to you. This is the reason that we have a sorting system and different levels of security.

Public data

Data saved in the public zone, can be seen by anyone that has access to your mobile phone. Your data is saved and sorted depending on your needs and you can access it immediately after opening the application

Private data

  • Behind closed doors…Let‘s say that you have photos you don’t want everyone to see, photos you want to be seen only by some, or some very personal information like credit card information..
  • Create a PASSCODE and select certain directories to make them private. No one will be able to open these directories without the passcode.

Secret data

  • If you have files in your directories which you really want to hide, flag them FOOL PIN protected and they will not appear without you intending it, even if they are in the same directory.
  • It’s simply like having a second security system. Folders with this data will be taken to the grave with you.
It may seem complicated, but we all have these three types of data in our lives (and mobile phones). With the help of CAMELOT you clearly decide what type of data that is and what will therefore be protected.
DIRECTORIES and FILES help you accomplish this.


Directories are your albums. They are seperated into public and private. You will not be able to enter the private ones without your PASSCODE (you can create more of these).
If you were being forced  to show someone the complete content of the application, you could select which directories should  automatically self-destruct  after entering the EMERGENCY PUK ( like a decoy instead of the PUK). This way someone who is unauthorized will never find them.
If you regularly back up, you will not lose your data. You will only have to create a new EMERGENCY PUK as the prior one becomes the new PUK.


Files are data composed of different formats (texts, photos, videos, data, numbers, GPS, URL etc.) which you want to save in the application. You can work with them the exact way you are used to working with your computer files (create, delete, edit or copy).
Of course it is possible for you to easily share these with your friends (whether it be only individual files or even entire directories).
Mark files you want to access quickly as your FAVOURITE, you will see all of them in that directory when you open the CAMELOT application. Those which will be marked as hidden, will appear only after you enter your PASSCODE.
Similar the directories, you can set up an EMERGENCY PUK for specific files. The EMERGENCY PUK can deletes everything if some unauthorized person tries to look at what you have hidden.
Do you have more delicate files in your directory? Flag them FOOL PIN protected and they will not appear without it.
In the free version of CAMELOT it is possible to save an unlimited number of files in the public zone, but only a maximum of 10 files in the private zone.


While creating the CAMELOT application we were quite paranoid. We tried to think about all possible risky and dangerous situations that you could be up against. You are the one who gets to choose how safe you want to keep certain data from lurking strangers.


You can have one passcode that provides access to private directories or if you like, you can create more than one and assign them to specific directories. You should have one for „official“ directories and others for purely personal purposes.
As with the directories or individual files, when creating a PASSCODE you can decide that everything created under this password is top secret. In that case, it makes sense to secretly delete it with an EMERGENCY PUK (use it as a decoy against an intruder) in case an emergency should arise.


Your very first PASSCODE is called PUK.

In addition to storing files with other content, you can manage the security settings of the entire CAMELOT application.

Even if someone knows your „official“ PASSCODE, he can not see how many private zones are hidden in the application.

Emergency PUK

That moment when someone is holding a gun to your head (not literally) , forcing you to show them something in your phone and you need to be rescued. Choose an additional safety passcode as your „PUK“, which you will enter in a risky or dangerous situation. The application will discreetly erase all top secret content, so that no one will be able to get to it.

The EMERGENCY PUK then takes over the roll of PUK, you just have to set up a new EMERGENCY PUK. In the case that you „back up“ your data, you will not lose your secret data.

Fool PIN

Do have a few photos you often like to show to others in your directory, but you don’t want to show them all the photos in that directory? Mark them as FOOL PIN protected. In addition to your PASSCODE you will also have to enter the FOOL PIN for all the content of the directory to appear (all it takes is a few clicks on the CAMELOT logo – LINK).

Quick Escape Button

You never know who is looking over your shoulder. With one click on the CAMELOT logo you can switch to your public zone. It’s a good way to keep the stalking horses away.

Guardian Angels

Remember how we mentioned the 4-factor authentication? This is used by your GUARDIAN ANGELS.

While mythical king Arthur had his twelve knights of the round table, you can have your Guardian angels. CAMELOT will generate 12 seals and you will determine how many of them have to connect ( 2 to 12) , to open CAMELOT and its settings. Then you just have to make an agreement with your friends to make sure they will help you in case of an emergency. You will give each of them a seal with the help of a QR code – and it’s done.

If it should happen that you want to get into your CAMELOT ( but you lost the PUK), you can ask your Guardian Angels to send you a seal. They can send it to you through any kind of communication channel (e-mail, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber etc.) and after the required number of them have connected, the entire application will unlock.

Your Guardian angels don’t have to know about this connection, only you decide who you trust enough to give your security seal – or whom you take it away from. Your guardian angel can even be your second mobile phone, that is hidden well at the bottom of your drawer. You can also print your QR codes, including the seals, and hide them in a safe place. Then you can download it directly from the application and open your CAMELOT.

The security you get with the help of your Guardian Angels gives you much more freedom. The key to the application ( but not to the data!) doesn’t have to lie under your door mat.

Note: It is wise to have more angels than the minimum number of seals which have to connect, Ideally 4-2 or 5-3. Having more angels can help prevent not being able to get your seals due to unforseen circumstances. For example, if one happens to lose their mobile phone and is not available at a certain moment, your friendship with one ends or worst case, one should die.

For experts – this is an implementation of Shamir’s algorithm and we are one of the first that implemented a 4-factor authentication in this way.

Note: Seals can also be used if you forget your backup password.